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Coronavirus disease

In accordance with the briefing on the 4/1/2021 we are open to all children. If you have any concerns, please email the team.

The world is changing all round us as Covid 19 continues to change our lives. We are working within the government guidelines to ensure the safety of all our children and staff. There will be updates on the website and the Facebook page for new families to see how we support our children during these difficult times. For more information please email us and we will provide risk assessments and answer any questions you have.

The world is a changed place. But our love and passion to ensure every child grows into a happy confident learner remains.

Squirrels Pre-school

Squirrels is a small and friendly Ofsted-inspected pre-school conveniently located on Delamere Park. Our caring and dedicated staff ensure a safe and secure environment for the children, where every day is happy and learning is fun.

At Squirrels strong emphasis is placed on learning through first hand experience. Our children benefit from a broad education provided from supportive, knowledgeable and caring staff. We create a happy and stimulating environment whilst promoting the development of each child’s unique potential.

The range of play and resources combined with the creativity of the staff ensure that each child makes excellent progress towards early learning goals. The children enjoy learning through play, whilst at the same time gaining practical skills. We have some mothers who also volunteer and run activities or reading sessions with the children.

“My very nearly 4 year is excited about starting ‘big school’ but I dread the day she realises that means no more Squirrels. She loves it! As a child that struggled settling at a local nursery I trialled Squirrels as a Plan B, and never looked back. Nor does she when we drop her off in a morning. The staff are fabulous and the way they bring the children on deserves recognition. I can’t wait for my youngest to start there next month. Thanks ladies for all your hard work.

Rebecca Dunbobbin

Fun and Learning

The Squirrels Pre-School Nursery offers places for children from 2 – 5 years. All Squirrels staff are fully qualified, dedicated and sensitive to every child’s needs. Progress and development is fostered through individual care and attention, building confidence and social awareness in the child. We have mid morning snacks which are of a healthy and nutritious nature catering to different dietary needs.

“My 3 year old has attended squirrels for the last year and a half and I can honestly say he would rather be there than at home with me (maybe that says more about me �) but honestly he loves it and has never once cried or complained about going. The staff are so caring, have each been there for over 20years, and provide a home from home environment for the children. They do lots of activities, crafts, circle time, reading, old school games and outdoor play. I would highly recommend to anyone!.”

Samantha Frank

Squirrels Pre-School Ofsted Quotes

  • Staff interaction with children is warm and supportive
  • Children make very good progress towards the early learning goals
  • Space is used creatively to ensure children have a well rounded experience
  • Relationships with parents are very good
  • A strong emphasis is placed on learning through first hand experience

Background and Location

Squirrels Pre-School Nursery was set up in 1977 and has become an established and well used service, Squirrels is set in a unique location on Delamere Park.
Delamere Park is a parkland residential estate developed in the 1970s in a delightful location, surrounded by beautiful open countryside, this gives the children many opportunities to explore outdoors.

If you would like more information please pop in and see us, or call on 01606 888782 or email squirrels@delamerepark.co.uk

Delamere Park